International Honor Society in 心理学

Psi气 is an international organization that promotes excellence 和 service in the field of psychology. Psi气 brings students of psychology together in a forum that benefits the student, 该机构, 和社区. Psi气 is available to students pursuing degrees 社区咨询社会科学心理学.


  • 星期三下午4点.m.
  • 预备大厅,313室




  • Completion of at least 3 semesters or 5 quarters of college courses
  • Completion of 9 semester or 14 quarter hours of psychology
  • Rank in the upper 35% of your class
  • 心理学的平均成绩是3分.25岁或以上
  • 申请成为会员. Reviews will be done at the beginning of every month to determine eligibility. If you qualify, you will receive an email confirmation. Typically we have formal induction ceremonies ONLY in the spring semester.
  • Choose Mg冰球突破豪华版网址 from the Local Chapter drop-down menu 和 fill out the application including your name, 电子邮件地址, 及学生证号码.
  • 在这一页的底部, check the box authorizing the faculty advisor to review your college records to determine eligibility.
  • Add your Name/Signature 和 select SUBMIT.


Psi气 is the International Honor Society in 心理学, founded in 1929 for the purposes of encouraging, 刺激, 和 maintaining excellence in scholarship, 和 advancing the science of psychology. Psi气是 Association of College Honor Societies 它是 American Psychological Association  美国心理学会.

Psi气有两个主要目标. The first is the Society’s obligation to provide academic recognition to its inductees by the mere fact of membership. The second is the obligation of each of the Society’s local chapters to nurture the spark of that accomplishment by offering a climate congenial to its creative development. 例如, the chapters make active attempts to nourish 和 stimulate professional growth through programs designed to augment 和 enhance the regular curriculum 和 to provide practical experience 和 fellowship through affiliation with the chapter.

The organization provides programs to help achieve these goals including national 和 regional conventions held annually in conjunction with the psychological associations, 研究奖励比赛, 和 certificate recognition programs. Psi气 functions as a federation of chapters located at 1,000 senior colleges 和 universities in the USA.


The RSU chapter (#1011) reflects the organization’s policies 和 values, while meeting the needs of our members 和社区 in which we study 和 work. While the RSU chapter provides information on topics of interest to all students at RSU, Psi气 is most valuable to the psychology student that is looking to enhance 和 further their education. The RSU chapter encourages members to submit research for peer review 和 make presentations at local, 区域和国家公约. As part of our goal to be designated a model chapter each year, members may submit a research paper to one of many Psi气 sponsored contests.

Psi气 also provides a service function to the community. Each year at least one service project is discussed 和 action toward improving the quality of life for a segment of the population is implemented. 社区外展, 为有需要的人服务, 和 public education are examples of ways Psi气 looks to positively impact the lives of our fellow citizens.

Psi气 is not all work 和 academics. Fellowship 和 fraternity built as part of membership in our society provide an important network of future colleagues 和 references that help with internships 和 possible employment when the member looks to move from academia into applied psychology. It is the mission of the Roger State University Chapter of Psi气, that while you help build the society, 社会会帮助你.