Bachelor of Science in Business 信息 技术

The Bachelor of Science in Business 信息 技术 de格力 is designed to meet the growing demand for information technology specialists who are able to communicate effectively and are knowledgeable of business needs.

Business 信息 技术 学位要求

Students may choose from the following options.:

Computer Network Administration Option❖:

The Computer Network Administration Option includes the study of network operating systems, 网络安全, configuration of network components, 新兴技术. Careers for students with this option may include system network administrators, 系统专家, 网络专家. 查看路线图(pdf).


Software 发展 and Multimedia Option❖:

The Software 发展 and Multimedia Option focuses on object-oriented technology, 软件工程, multimedia and web development, 新兴技术. Careers for students with this option include web masters, web程序员, 计算机程序员, 系统分析员, 软件工程师. 查看路线图(pdf).



The Game 发展 Option is designed to provide students with the highest possible quality education in the areas of game development and general education. 它融合了艺术技巧, 计算机科学, 数学, 物理, and writing to provide graduates with the opportunity to pursue a career in the area of Computer Game 发展 including possible careers in game development for entertainment, 培训, 和教育. Graduates will also possess skills that will enable them to pursue other career paths such as multimedia artistry and animation, 计算机编程, 软件工程. 查看路线图(pdf).



的电子竞技 is the fastest growing niche of the gaming industry. 就业 opportunities in esports vary from gamers to writers, 博客, 活动策划, 团队经理, multimedia graphic designers, 以及社交媒体经理. Join RSU’s 的电子竞技 competitive team. This option provides an 的电子竞技 generalized education with both technology and management tracks into the profession. 查看路线图(pdf).



查尔斯·斯特伦斯,B.S. in Business 信息 技术

“RSU offered me opportunities I would not have had at other universities. Smaller class sizes and invested professors allowed me to connect with people who really know the subjects at hand. I was an intern through The Washington Center program where I got the type of knowledge you can only get from people who have succeeded in the real world and are willing to turn around and help those behind them do the same.”