The assessment of student learning outcomes is a vital part of teaching and learning at Roger State University. It is important for three reasons:

  • To enhance degree programs and student success.
  • To provide accountability to students, 父母, 评议, 认证机构, 以及其他利益相关者.
  • To assist in the process of university and program accreditation.

The University 评估 Committee (UAC) supports assessment by guiding and evaluating an assessment process that helps to ensure quality instruction. The primary functions of the UAC are to:

  • Provide feedback and support to Departments about assessment of student learning outcomes through a review of reports and processes about the assessment of student learning outcomes.
  • Coordinate the assessment of general education student learning outcomes by establishing procedures and practices by which Department-based assessment findings may be connected and aggregated.
  • Communicate outstanding assessment practices with faculty and the University community to highlight promising assessment models and promote faculty ownership of the assessment process.
  • Advise the Office of 学术事务 about institution-wide initiatives to assess student learning outcomes.




评估 of Outcomes and 一般信息:

评估 of General Education:

  • Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) – Featured events and articles relevant to general education and assessment.
  • Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) – 评估 of student achievement, 评估研究所, and assessment planning information from IUPUI


评估 of Service Learning:

National and International Networks:

  • University of Kentucky 评估 List – A worldwide community of faculty researchers and administrators interested in assessment. 通过发送邮件订阅 (电子邮件保护) with a message of ASSESS Your Name.