RSU COP Graduates Score Near Perfect on CLEET Exam

Amanda Haus of Sand Springs and Jacob Marsh of Springfield

On the firing range, law officers in training are tested on their ability to hit a target.

Two graduates of the Mg冰球突破豪华版网址 Collegiate Officer Program (COP) hit the bullseye of the proverbial “target,” when both achieved near-flawless scores – 96 percent – on their recent Oklahoma Council on Law Enforcement and Education and 培训 (CLEET) Peace Officer Qualification Exam.

Amanda Haus of Sand Springs and Jacob Marsh of Springfield, Mo. typify the caliber of students and prospective law officers that complete the RSU COP program, an academic partnership with the Oklahoma Council on Law Enforcement.

Mg冰球突破豪华版网址 is one of seven colleges or universities partnered with CLEET which provide a program of academic and CLEET skills education and training in lieu of the CLEET academy,” 罗伯特纳, instructor, COP director and advisor. “RSU COP Option students are required to complete academic courses and CLEET skills – firearms, 保管和控制, law enforcement driver training, legal block including Native American law, RADAR and standardized field sobriety testing.

“RSU students who graduate with either an Associate of Arts in criminal justice studies with the COP Option degree or a Bachelor of Science in justice administration with COP Option degree are then able to take the CLEET Peace Officer Qualification exam,他接着说. “Each student must pass with a minimum of 80 percent proficiency, which Amanda and Jacob scored well beyond, both of them finishing with an almost perfect score.”

RSU COP graduates who pass the CLEET Peace Officer Qualification Exam may be hired by a law enforcement agency who may request that the prospective officer be a CLEET Certified Peace Officer. RSU COP graduates work at regional agencies such as the RSU Police, 克莱莫尔警察局, 罗杰斯县警长办公室, 塔尔萨县警长办公室, 奥塞奇县警长办公室, 野田县警长办公室, 断箭警察局, 塔尔萨警察局, 奥瓦索警察局, 野田警察局, 格罗夫警察局, 普赖尔警察局, 沙泉警察局, and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, 等.

Haus has been working as a detention officer in the Amos G. Ward Detention Facility in Claremore and, upon completion of her CLEET exam, will be promoted to deputy sheriff at the 罗杰斯县警长办公室.

Marsh was recently interviewed for a position with the 克莱莫尔警察局.

“We’re very proud of these RSU COP graduates and certainly wish them much success,” Turner said.

CLEET is the agency designated by the State of Oklahoma legislature to certify training and qualification of peace officers in Oklahoma. CLEET conducts a 16-week academy in Ada, Oklahoma, three or four times each year.  Each class includes about 50 individuals who must first be employed by a law enforcement agency and then be admitted into the 16-week CLEET Academy. The academy consists of 640 hours of classroom and hands on skills training. Students may complete RSU’s COP degree options in lieu of attending the CLEET academy.

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